Where I Have Been

With ten years experience as a technology delivery manager in Banking and Finance, 4000+ online articles to my name, as well as experience as both an Project and Client Manager and Swinburne Online eLearning Advisor, I have experience that counts.

After a decade of working in business and IT at the nab, and choosing to change direction and work for myself, I turned my attention to my main areas of interest – writing and web design.

I’ve mastered the art of selling on eBay and helped not only coach many individuals and businesses to succeed, but also worked as an eBay Trading Assistant, turning unwanted items into much needed cash for many.  My online selling experience has been pivotal in the establishment of my first online business, Live Love Bean, where I sell quirky and unique engraved magic message beans.

Over the last several years, I’ve worked as a freelance corporate writer and content creator, covering auction, membership and directory sites. I’ve also gained experience with social media promotion, monetisation, basic SEO and graphic design along the way.

More recently I have branched out even further and now work with Swinburne Online as an eLearning Advisor, helping hundreds of keen and eager students achieve their dreams of learning online.

With strong business knowledge I am experienced in choosing the right words for my clients.

My online footprint can be found in a variety of locations.

I write as a freelancer

I am hired to write on a huge variety of topics for a wide variety of clients as a ghostwriter, researching and writing articles, guest blogs, brochures and website content. Currently I work for Talk About Creative and Remote Talent as well as a number of other Australian businesses.

Due to contractual reasons, I am unable to disclose links to these articles or client names.

In my capacity as a business writer, I am responsible for producing expert web content for clients. I also represent those clients on reputable business blogs, creating content on their behalf.  I am available for hire.

Here are a few articles that I have published under my own name:

I also write for fun.  And this still earns me money.

The most important aspect is that I enjoy writing.  I write to experiment, I write for enjoyment and I write for me. Other than my own personal sites, I have a few different nom de plumes floating around that I have created over the years and have over 4000 published articles online covering a wide range of content relating to business efficiency, recruitment, health, finance and so much more.