Who I Am

Life is full of experiences and I have certainly had my share. Hi, I’m Amanda.

Living in Melbourne I have enjoyed a very colorful life.

I grew up on Television.  The creative set of a commercial was my second home.

I was educated in one of Melbourne’s finest girls’ schools, was appointed the first student editor of the school magazine and graduated as a prefect.

I took my love of Japanese and Economics a step further and now hold a double degree from Monash University.

I landed my first job in the world of Banking & Finance and climbed the ranks to Senior Management in the field of Technology where I enjoyed a decade long career.

I took a detour, had two incredible children and reinvented myself.

Today, here I am.

A daughter. A wife. A mother. A friend. A writer. And so much more.

With over a dozen content sites to my name and 4000 or more published articles, I am creating my own footprint one word at a time.  As a corporate content writer, I provide businesses around the nation with articles, blog posts and simple effective copy that is persuasive and connects. I’ve worked as a (remote) Project Manager, as an eLearning Advisor for Swinburne Online and I also run an online business.