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Brainstorming Blog & Article Posts – When you just can’t think of another idea!

You’ve all had that feeling – as if there’s just no more topics you can possibly think of to write about.  You’re washed out, tired, your brain just won’t throw up any of those awesome subjects that it once did. Well it’s time for some serious action – you need to get in there and brainstorm up some fabulous ideas – the more the better. Read on for some inspiration. Around and Around – Items Look around your house, or somewhere you spend a lot of time. Concentrate on parts of it and start thinking… here’s some examples: Looking through your clothes might help you remember a time you had to repair or clean them… a place you’ve been…good or bad times. Looking at your roof, walls & housefittings might remind you of home handyman jobs, renovations or other houses you’ve lived in. Looking at electronics may remind you of how hard they are to assemble, how much trouble they’ve been or why you’d recommend them to a friend. Looking at your old books might inspire you to write a review or even start your own piece of creative writing. Work and Play – Places Think about the places you go each day. There’s probably plenty of places you see without even giving them a second glance. Here’s some ideas: Your workplace – what can you do that other people might want to learn? Local park – inspiration on how to set out a garden? Places you travel – would you go there again, quickest way to get there and driving? You’re Inspiring! – People   We all spend...

Don’t be Hoarder: How To Turn Your Stuff Into Cash

Are you sitting on a mountain of second hand goods that you rarely use? Don’t be a hoarder. It’s time to make the hard decisions and turn your pre-loved clothes, appliances, books and tools into hard cash. Yes, making money online is possible and very easy. Second hand economy is worth big money The average Australian alone can make up to $6,000 a year parting with things that simply collect dust. For most people, that’s a significant amount of money. Imagine what you could do with that? It’s definitely going to help with the groceries, possibly contribute to a few DIY activities around the home or maybe you need a little pampering. Whatever your ultimate decision is, the most important step is to start now. What are you hoarding?  There’s bound to be a box or two of clothes you have not worn for a few seasons, gardening tools you no longer need or a pair of skis clogging up your garage. How about books and electronics or kids toys and old furniture? Ring any bells? It’s always hard to make the time to clear out a cupboard and sort out things from under your bed but how nice would it be for your spare room to return to its original state and your pockets fill with money? Maybe your children have left home and left you with clutter. Also known as flown the coop cleanse, it’s time you got to work. Making money online There are a number of online options available for you to sell your items and make money. Online auction sites are a great place...